The 12th Aquacultural Insurance and Risk Management March 31st and April 1st 2011
A conference for everyone involved in Aquaculture Insurance or Risk Management

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Speakers & Papers
Thursday 31st March 2011
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Formal Conference Opening

Speaker(s): Dr . Donal Maguire, Head of Aquaculture Development, Bord Iascaigh Mhara

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The Sustainable Aquaculture Initiative of the World Wildlife Fund

Speaker(s): Carson Roper

Carson Roper is Seafood Industry Liaison Consultant with the Aquaculture Stewardship Council which is the governance body for the global metric-based standards developed by the Aquaculture Dialogues. He has over 25 years of experience in the seafood industry in various capacities, and has a Master of Business Administration degree from the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota and has a BA from Miami University. 

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An overview of Recirculation in Sustainable Aquaculture.

Speaker(s): Prof. Michael Timmons. Dept. of Biological & Environmental Engineering, Cornell University, USA.

Mike Timmons is the J. Thomas Clark Professorship of Entrepreneurship and Personal Enterprise, Biological and Environmental Engineering Department, Cornell University. He is the current President-elect of The Aquaculture Engineering Society.  He has been a principle in the design, construction, and operation of a commercial recirculating fish production system and thus provides the viewpoint of a commercial aquaculturist in addition to his experience as a researcher and extension specialist.

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Sustainability and Salmon Farming. What is the effect of Sustainability on the industry.

Speaker(s): Richie Flynn, Irish Salmon Growers Association

Richie Flynn has been Executive Secretary of the industry representative body, IFA Aquaculture (Part of the Irish Farmers’ Association) representing the entire Irish aquaculture sector, since 1996.He chaired the European Commission’s Advisory Group on Aquaculture from 2001 to 2010 on behalf of shellfish and finfish producer federations in Europe. He is currently president of the European Mollusc Producers’ Association. He sits on the governing board of Global Trust and has been a board member of the Irish Marine Institute since 2001.

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An Overview of Indian Aquaculture and its Risks

Speaker(s): Dr. Karnvir Singh Mundrey, Director, Atharva Lifesciences Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Dr Mundrey is a director of Atharva Lifesciences Consulting Pvt. Ltd. a lifesciences consulting firm providing market and other research for national and international clients on a wide range of subjects. In particular, Dr Mundrey and his company have produced a comprehensive report on the aquaculture diagnostics market in India, and he is thus well positioned to give an overview of the aquaculture industry in india.

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Aquaculture in Vietnam - the risks and the challenges.

Speaker(s): Dr Robin Wardle, Technical & Marketing Director of Intervet

Robin studied Zoology at University of Aberdeen, where he worked on the development of fish vaccines including oral delivery systems and new antigens for salmon, sea bass, bream, tilapia.

He is Director in charge of Market support and Technical services at Intervet. He and his team a responsible for introducing and managing good health practices with customers. The customers can vary form long established multinational salmon companies to new emerging farms dealing with new fish species. The team's objective is to understand what is required and bring the knowledge and skills to the customer to allow them to get better control of the ideas and issues that are creating risk to their production systems.

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Aquaculture Disease Review

Speaker(s): Prof. Randolph Richards - Institute of Aquaculture, Stirling University

Once again we are very pleased to have Dr Richards to give us an overview of the general situation on disease in aquaculture. Disease is one of the biggest exposures faced by the industry and its insurers; the picture changes all the time as new diseases emerge and old ones become more treatable.

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Genetic Disease Management Opportunities

Speaker(s): Prof. Stephen Bishop - The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Prof. Stephen Bishop is Group Leader and Chair of Animal Disease Genetics at The Roslin Institute of University of Edinburgh. He and his colleagues are working on understand the role of host genetics in the control of disease outbreaks. They are focusing on the endemic viral disease IPN and have quantified the level of genetic resistance in commercial populations, and identified major loci (QTL) that control a large percentage of the variation in resistance.

Prof. Bishop will outline the opportunities for managing disease through genetics, a filed of research that will be of considerable interest to insurers.


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Sea Lice - A review of an ongoing and costly problem.

Speaker(s): Dr Paul NegĂ„rd of Lusalus - The Sea Lice Project of Westen Norway.

Dr Paul Negård is Project Coordinator and Veterinarian for the Sea Lice Project of Western Norway.

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Plankton Blooms & Climate Change - an overview of what is known.

Speaker(s): Dr. Tara Chamberlaine, Marine Institute of Ireland.

Tara is a very experienced plankton specialist. She is Departmental Technical Manager of the Marine Institut of Ireland's Irish National Phytoplankton Programme. She has spent the last 20 years of her career involved in marine environmental research, concentrating specifically on phytoplankton monitoring and research issues.

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Biosecurity in onshore and offshore aquaculture.

Speaker(s): Dr David Scarfe & Dr Chris Walster, WAVMA

Speaker(s): Dr David Scarfe, American Veterinary Medical Association & Dr. Chris Walster, Island Veterinary Associates (a World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association Contribution)

After a 35-year career as a University Professor, in private veterinary practice and aquaculture and other agriculture, for the past 10 years Dr Scarfe has been the Assistant Director of Scientific Activities for the AVMA (USA) dealing with National and International policies and programs. Dr Walster is co-owner of Island Veterinary Associates (UK), a multi-practice group delivering veterinary services to clients. In collaboration with other experts, as part of an informal “International Aquatic Veterinary Biosecurity Consortium” (IAVBC) they have helped spearhead internationally standardized biosecurity approaches for preventing, controlling and eradicating important diseases in aquaculture operations. As a member of the IAVBC, WAVMA is facilitating several aquaculture biosecurity training workshops around the world.

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Geo-intelligence in the insurance industry - NATHAN Risk Suite

Speaker(s): Andreas Siebert, Head of Geospatial Solutions, Munich Re.

Andreas is well know to delegates and once again we are very lucky to receive a paper from him giving a state of the art overview of insurance tools and solutions to manage natural perils globally.

Andreas has practised as a geo-consultant industry as expert for Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing applications, working in various parts of the world. He has also specialised in spatial information and analysis, and developed and installed GIS, GPS (Global Positioning System) and mapping tools for different institutions and organisations. He is a geographer by initial profession and has longstanding interests in natural risks and risk assessment. He has been a member of Munich Re´s Geo Risks Research Team since 1995.

Friday 1st April 2011
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A Review of Underwriting Results for Aquaculture Insurance from a reinsurer's perspective.

Speaker(s): Peter Welten, Vice President, Swiss Re.

Peter Welten was born in 1971 in Switzerland. He has a masters degree in forestry science from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich. He joined Swiss Re in 2000 and worked as a casualty treaty underwriter for global clients for 6 years. In 2006 he joined the Swiss Re Agriculture Team as an underwriter and client manager for the Livestock, Bloodstock, Aquaculture, Crop, Greenhouse and Forestry business. His geographical business focus is Europe. Peter lives with his wife and three children close to Zurich.

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Where should the Aquaculture Insurance Market go now?

Speaker(s): Dagfinn Ulriksen, Special Adviser, Aon Greig AS

Dagfinn Ulrikson of Aon Grieg AS, one of our valued sponsors, holds a M.Sc. in Biology (aquaculture) from The University of Bergen, Norway. He worked as a Junior Scientist at the University of Bergen for 3 years before joiningn a majot Norwegian insurer handling claims adjusting and loss prevention and Risk Management for aquaculture clients world wide, including feed mills and processing plants.
He has worked in all areas of fish farming (Europe, Canada, USA, Chile, Saudi Arabia) involving most species involved. Since 2003, he has worked as Special Adviser in Aon Grieg, providing service to large clients, specially clients with international operations.

Discussion on Future Development and Direction of the Aquaculture Insurance Market.

Speaker(s): - open to all delegates.

Following the two keynote papers in this Session, one on the historical underwriting results, and the other on ideas for the future, instead of a third paper, the time will be given over to a general discussion about the future of the aquaculture insurance sector and how it needs to change to meet the demands of a fast developing industry.

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Recent developments in case law relating to Aquaculture Insurance.

Speaker(s): Gail Whealing, D.L.A. Piper, Edinburgh, and Runar Hansen D.L.A. Piper, Oslo

Gail Wealing and Runar Hansen will provide an overview of legal cases affecting insurers and insurance buyers. More details will be supplied shortly.

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Stock Control and Assessment Strategies for Shellfish Growers and Insurers.

Speaker(s): Dr. John C Bonardelli, Project Manager, Shellfish Solutions AS, Trondheim

John Bonardelli is an international adviser with 30yrs professional experience in in/offshore shellfish production & process performance, and pioneer offshore submerged longline technology. He has worked on the development of standardized sampling protocols for biomass estimation and stock traceability. These allow producers to improve yields & quality to respond to the market. John's key interests are in providing the global shellfish industry with technical solutions that help to improve efficiency and profitability, and defining production and risk management strategies that allow scale-up of operations. He advises on strategies that increase margins through better gear & production techniques adapted to species and location.

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Discussion of the new Norwegian Industry standard NS9415

Speaker(s): Discussion Leader - Bruce Smith of Bruce Smith Associates.

Bruce is probably the most experienced aquaculture risk surveyor in the World, and we are very pleased that he has agreed to lead this discussion session in which all delegates are encouraged to join. Bruce will be putting together a panel of expert delegates to give their comments on the new standard, and on some of the alternatives to it that appear to be emerging.


This is the ONLY conference that focuses entirely on handling the risks of aquaculture!

At past conferences, delegates have attended from all the key production areas of the World, including Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, North and South America. At the Conference in Vigo, in 2006, we were pleased to welcome representatives of the FAO! We are very pleased to say that the FAO will again support us at the conference in Ireland.

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